Revised Met Council Population Projections

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Proposed Language for Grandview Green in 2018 Comp Plan

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City of Edina HRA Meeting - August, 16, 2018

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Edina Housing Projects

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Mapping Edina's Big Ideas

Click HERE to read about Edina's development plan priorities. Pages 16-17.

2015 System Statement: City of Edina

Click HERE to read about Edina's Regional Development Plan Adoption from the Met Council's Thrive MSP 2040 plans.

2008 Comprehensive Plan

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Vision Edina Community Engagement Report 2014

Click HERE to read this 2014 report where "significant community input" was gathered.  Pay special attention to pages 14-15 where it is noted that 29.7% of respondents in the Future Scenarios Survey were between the ages of 10 and 20. 

Twin Cities Business Article 

Click HERE to read "Edina: Nowhere to Go But Up" - how Edina developers want vertical density, but residents do not.

2017 Quality of Life Survey

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Grandview Green Transportation Study

This study was completed by Council Member Mike Fischer's firm. Council Member Fischer won the work through an RFP process after he resigned from the Grandview Task Force and before he was elected to the City Council.  The Eden Ave to Halifax corridor where traffic consolidates from 4 lanes to 2 has not been studied. Click HERE 

Grandview Green 5-Year Vision

The city council and mayor have claimed this is a 20-, 30-, 40-year project. This Grandview Green 5-Year Vision suggests otherwise.  In this city-published document, construction is slated to begin in 2020, occupancy in 2022.  Click HERE

Grandview Green History

View comprehensive timeline HERE.

Grandview Green Further Funding

$100,000 in additional funding for Grandview Green in the 9/18 draft Capital Improvement Plan. Click HERE.

Revised HRA Statement Regarding Grandview Green

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Star Tribune “Edina puts brakes on Grandview Green project over Hwy. 100”

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4500 France Apartments Traffic Impact Study

This study depicts insufficient parking at the 4500 France Apartments development which includes retail and restaurant. In addition, Sunnyside Rd will be narrowed, eliminating current street-parking. Click HERE and see page 12.

4500 France Apartments Staff Report

This development falls short of the city's own Affordable Housing policy by 6% of what should be a 10% commitment to affordable units. Click HERE

Southwest Journal “Height a concern in 44th & France plans”

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50th/France Traffic Volumes & Commentary

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Southwest Journal “Edina council approves plan to remake 50th & France”

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50th & France Traffic Volumes

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Edina School Board Work Session: Designing Spaces for Next Generation Learning

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Edina Public Schools: 2017-18 Enrollment Projections Memo

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"Edina school board says city's math doesn't add up on Grandview Development Plan"

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